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Tiffany Williams-Parra


Tiffany Williams: Health Coach! Tiffany Williams-Parra is a Fitness Trainer, Healthy Eats Foodie, and Owner of Phoenix Fitness Fanatics. Renewing herself after a major 100lb weight shedding, Tiffany’s motivation and passion is to help others become reborn through health transformations ignited. When it comes to her fitness journey, Tiffany’s mother and son have been the highest inspiration. The value of working hard and pushing through adversity to achieve desired results reaps the best benefits. Tiffany has learned to rise above adversities, regardless of the situation and knows it is possible to conquer anything! Throughout Tiffany’s experience with her clients, she notices the biggest struggle is the momentum to get moving. She correlates this struggle due from simply the fear of not knowing what to do to become and stay fit. She teaches her clients to show up, no matter what! She leads by example by staying social, sharing her journey of the things she does personally to stay fit. Her passion for fully connecting with her clients allows her to seamlessly help create routines she knows they will stick to.

Phoenix Fitness Fanatics key unique point is helping clients make healthier food choices while navigating through a busy life. Tiffany provides lucrative ideas to switch bad foods for healthier options so her clients can eat with confidence. Her commitment to healthy living doesn’t stop at the physical aspect. To help her clients learn all the steps needed to for a Healthy Lifestyle Transformation, she will be hosting her first Annual Women’s Recharge, Release, and Reset Retreat, May 17th - 19th, 2019, in the tranquil mountains of Big Bear California with future destinations already in the works.

In her free time, Tiffany loves going to the gym to further her own health transformation. She calls it her “Therapy”. She also enjoys hiking with friends, visiting local wineries, and attending Reggae concerts with her husband. Parra admits, she finds the most joy in running 5K runs with her son. Sometimes she even lets him win. If there is nothing else, Tiffany gets inspired by the expression “When you feel like quitting, remember why you started!”

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