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Tahira Best


Tahira Best is an electric, award-winning, International Speaker and Author who coaches women to overcome internal obstacles and be the best version of themselves. As a Transformational Coach, Tahira attracts women who are ready to embark on the journey of self-love and appreciation. As a speaker, Tahira has had the opportunity to move her audiences at corporate events, conferences, and workshop seminars. Her reputation as a no-nonsense transformational coach has allowed women to boldly love themselves via Best’s bold messages and authentically connected accountability. Through her attentive and passionate understanding of her clients, Best is continuously inspired and reminded she is aligned with her purpose.

Best’s most notable award to date is the International Award-Winning Speaker- Exceptional Woman of Excellence from the Women’s Economic Forum. Tahira’s personal ability to overcome obstacles both personal and professional has fueled her to provide innovative solutions and implement the most effective practices to fulfill each client’s needs. Her expertise is backed by years of training and experience to empower people to unapologetically define, embrace, and share their greatness with the world. Through this, her clients can love themselves more, refine their self-confidence, and discover their untapped talents and infinite potential.

When Tahira is not speaking at engagements or empowering others, she is traveling, coaching cheerleading, and spending time with her family. Her motto is a quote by Lisa Nichols, & It ain’t ever too late to press reset and fall madly in love with the life that you’ve been given.” What is it that keeps Tahira going: knowing the person she can be, keeps her committed to be a lifelong learner with something to chase?

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