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Srebrenica Leija


Srebrenica Lejla is a Copywriter & Strategist for emerging entrepreneurs, Lifestyle Blogger, and Creative Mentor. Individuals are taught to Discover the Creator Within and can place themselves on authentic platforms for their stories to be acknowledged. Starting with her victories of writing and pitching to publications with large followings, Lejla knew there were others who desired the same. In her supportive Facebook Group, The Lively Creatives, individuals can share their art, successes, and struggles with creating and sharing their work. She has also had success with implementing The Creative’s VMA Course, which walks writers through the process of visualizing, monetizing, and actualizing their goals as writers. Through this, people in her community can reap the benefits of powerful collaborations, for she believes there is much power in unity. Her first published book was inspired by her Lifestyle Blog,, focusing on mental health, life inspiration, and some of her crafty projects.

Srebrenica Lejla also specifically helps business owners convey their brands to provide magnetic messaging that converts into profits. Many businesses are sitting on gold mines and just magic words to connect with their people. Lejla also includes group and coaching to help writers understand their creative process and create effective time management for their writing. You may even catch her written work in The Queen Boss Rise Anthology, sharing her experiences and lessons learned as an emerging entrepreneur. Just from taking the courage to get back in the habit of putting pen to paper, Lejla has excelled by becoming a two- time author in less than a year. As an MBA candidate, Srebrenica Lejla also enjoys crafty DIY projects, baking sweet treats, and exploring around the world.

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FB/IG: @srebrenicalejla