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Sabrina Thomas


Sabrina Thomas is an author, speaker, advocate and also an IEP coach with a passion for working with families with special needs children. She knows firsthand how overwhelming life can be, which is why she finds joy in speaking about what she has learned and sharing her life with others She has co-authored two books: Moments in Life, The Caregiver’s Story, and You Need It; I Got It! both of which share her life experiences, challenges, and growth strategies as a special need parent. She is currently co-authoring several other books that will be published later this year. One of the most rewarding parts of her career stems from being able to give parents, families and caregivers the power and knowledge they need to be their child’s best advocate.

Sabrina Thomas is filled with enough enthusiasm and compassion to be the voice of the voiceless. She believes that every parent has the capacity to be an advocate for their children, which is why she spends her time joyfully sharing her experiences and lessons with others. Spending time with family, volunteering for various organizations and building her business are among her greatest pleasures. As an entrepreneur she finds immense joy in continuing her education and helping others along the way and enriching life would certainly be an added bonus. Her mission is to ensure special needs families never go at it alone and always feel supported.

She is the proud mother of two sons, one of whom is a special needs child and the major inspiration which drives her passion. Spending most of her spare time with her son has given her enough understanding of what it takes to care for those children with special needs, and she is glad to share this understanding with anyone in need.