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Larkeia Matthews


Larkeia Keyonna Matthews is the CEO/ Founder of H.E.R Legacy in HEELS, a national Empowerment coaching and training business. Larkeia started her professional education in Psychology and Business at Victory University in Memphis, TN. Since childhood, Larkeia has had a natural love for the written word and helping others. After the profound hearing loss of her oldest son, Larkeia was faced with a setback in her formal education. She had to pause her education. She decided to be totally available for her son’s recovery, all the while devising a strategy to bounce back and create a new path to her goals. Before deciding to create H.E.R Legacy in 2017, Larkeia informally educated herself for 4 years in areas of personal growth and development, Spirituality, universal laws, the art of Speaking and coaching. She attended online campuses, enrolled in programs and seminars offered by some of the country’s most influential leaders, such as Lisa Nichols, John Maxwell, Eric Thomas, Dr. Maricia Sherman, and sales strategist Erica Stepteau. There’s no wonder why Larkeia Matthews is such a rising star in the empowerment and personal development industry, she has Tenaciously Overcome adversities untold, gleaned from and joined forces with powerful movers and shakers in the industry. She is a growing triple threat, Author, Transformational speaker, and Personal Power/Mindset coach.

Larkeia specializes in the use of divine wisdom coupled with spiritual laws and strategies to retrain the brain, equip you to walk in your divinity and allow you take your power back! Her specialty is designed for women and youth. Aside from being a powerhouse, she is a wife and a mother of five. Motherhood was her claimed catalyst and breeding ground of her divine assignment. Her heart’s desire is for every and anyone to live a life filled with purpose and passion while growing themselves.

Larkeia also attributes the start of her spiritual journey to her family’s deep roots in spirituality since her childhood. Her family’s church is where her spiritual giftings were discovered and trained. She spearheaded the development of their first youth ministry and served as its director for two years. After her assignment was completed, she continued to mentor young adults in her community. HER Legacy Hosts youth vision board workshops throughout the year Called Dare to Dream, Dare to Be! Her motto is, “The children are our future, so let’s help them create a beautiful one!” This dynamic woman wears her heart on her sleeve as she empowers and equips teens and Queens down the path of Emerging from their ashes to own their divinity and walk in their God-given powers!

You may connect with her via

Facebook: @uplevelme or Larkeia Matthews


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