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Jacinta Parris


Jacinta Parris is an award-winning Virtual Assistant to busy female entrepreneurs. She specializes in administrative, social media and lifestyle management. Jacinta also coaches other aspiring VA’s on how to build a lasting business with a higher purpose.  She has enjoyed every exciting moment of growing her business! Jacinta’s journey began right after college when she and a high school friend started up a residential and commercial cleaning business. That summer, they spent many long days and nights dreaming of ways to make the business a success. In the space of no time, they began getting more business than the two could handle.  They became overwhelmed with all the paperwork; follow-ups; appointment setting; staff hiring, and the list continued to grow. Life took a different turn for her business partner and soon Jacinta found herself managing the business on her own.  There were times when she just wanted to quit and walk away but something kept telling her it will pay off in the end, and it did!

Even with the excitement of the growing business, Jacinta knew she would need help with the number of tasks she also had to manage. It was during this time that Jacinta found her first virtual assistant. Jacinta’s assistant took on all the time-consuming tasks and allowed her to concentrate solely on her area of genius. She began to realize using the virtual assistant was also helping her balance her own life and personal well- being.  She discovered her true passion was to assist other women in protecting the greatest assets they owned: Themselves!

Love Life Virtual Solutions began as Jacinta’s way of helping women gain the sort of work/life balance most women crave.  Virtual assistance is more than just helping with tasks; it is about helping women achieve their goals while they enjoy the fruits of their labor. That was 2 years ago.  Since then, Jacinta has worked with many amazing and ambitious women, Fortune 500 companies, as well as aspiring Virtual Assistants.   All have amazing visions and dreams for the future of their business. Jacinta loves the feeling she gets when she is able to be a part of someone’s dream, saving them valuable time by taking some of the weight off their shoulders.

As a Virtual Assistant coach, Jacinta also teaches other Virtual Assistants the value and purpose of the service they provide to entrepreneurs.  Her teachings assist Virtual Assistants in taking their business to the next level while maintaining balance in their own amazing lives.