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Cindy May


Cindy May is a fashion stylist who also has a knack for savvy financial keeping. As a blogger, fashion stylist and financial coach, Cindy ensures women look and feel confident about their appearance and their finances. She is all about the glam life! One of the most rewarding aspects of her career is helping women take control of their life by tending to their needs and wants. She coaches courageous women that have the willpower to advance to the next level in life. Cindy is dedicated to helping women build confidence because it is an important key to success. Glam is important to her because it’s an expression of individuality and creativity. Cindy is also a co-author of the Queen Boss Rise Anthology which includes unique stories of over 15 women on their entrepreneurial journey. She has also received certificate of recognition for business training at a corporate financial institution. Fashion styling has been a focus of Cindy since her childhood and she later merged her love for fashion with her career in finances to merge the gap between the two. Cindy encourages women to look stunning and have financial security. Cindy has a passion to help people push beyond their fears and rise to greatness. Her mantra is to never give up!

You can learn more about Cindy May via

Facebook/Instagram @bosscqueens