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Brittney Moffatt


Brittney Moffat is an award-winning content writer and social media strategist who helps entrepreneurs grow their influence, visibility and engaged audience through consistent lead-generating content! Her mission is to help women find their voice and speak confidently about their mission. She’s an ambitious millennial who started blogging to share her experiences and further her career. Her blog, According to Brittney, ultimately up-leveled her career, life and helped her start her own freelancing marketing business. According to Brittney guides women through “adulting,” entrepreneurship and marketing. She has worked with brands such as Uber, U.S. News and World Report, Dollar Tree and more! She helps women grow their brands daily through her Facebook Group, Content Marketing for Women Entrepreneurs, Bloggers and Influencers. Outside of her business and blog, she resides in Cleveland, Ohio with her fiance and cat/fur child, Luna. She enjoys being involved in the community, meeting new people and traveling! Most of all, she loves whenever she gets the chance to play her favorite video game, the Sims! She gives everyone she meets a “pink and sparkly perspective to content marketing!” Popular Saying: “It’s time to grow your influence, visibility and engaged audience through content marketing!” Title: Content Writer and Social Media Strategist Mission Statement: To help women entrepreneurs find their voice and speak confidently about their message.


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