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Ayingi Kimble


Born on the small island of Jamaica, Ayingi Kimble’s life has been the ultimate example of perseverance and a willingness to help others. Despite a difficult childhood under the shadows of a mother who committed suicide and suffering from keratoconus that affected her most of her school years, Ayingi has overcome and has discovered her knack for working with people. She is frequently described as a good listener, to whom family, friends and colleagues turn to for advice.

Ayingi believes there is value in every life and her experience as a “victim” of suicide has given her a passion for helping victims and survivors of suicide and other loss experiences. She is a firm believer in applying Bible based principles and teaching to solving everyday issues. She was motivated to do coaching after having been employed at Choose Life International, an agency that helps victims of suicide. Her determination to lead others through trauma has led to transformational experiences.

Kimble’s phrase to life is, “Get out of your way and seek to understand before seeking to be Understood.” Ayin Life Ministries, created by Kimble, empowers those who have lost a loved one due to suicide or other trauma to not just survive but thrive. Providing her people with tools to give themselves a second chance after experiencing loss, individuals can redesign their happiness to thrive in life.

Kimble has a certificate in Suicide Prevention from Choose Life International. She is a certified life coach. She has also received awards from Choose Life International in appreciation of her professional, compassionate, and dedicated service to helping people live.

In her free time, Kimble enjoys inspirational reading, spending time with her family, writing, or sitting by the ocean listening to the waves while eating a sweetsop.